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Top Rated Tripod Deer Stand:

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Best Tripod Deer Stand Reviews:

1. Millennium Treestands T100 10ft Aluminum Tripod:

2. X-Stand Treestand The Kingpin Tower:

3. Summit Watchtower Ultra 10ft Tripod Hunting Stand:

4. Muddy Liberty Tripod Deer Stand:

5. Guide Gear 12ft Tripod Deer Stand

How to choose the best tripod tree stand:


Best Tripod Deer Stand Reviews:

1. Millennium Treestands T100 10ft Aluminum Tripod:

5 Best Reviews for Tripod Deer Stand (2022 Ultimate Guide) (1)

Via Amazon.com

It's a well-known fact that Millennium makes one of the best portable three-legged deer stands on the market. And the T100 10-foot aluminum tripod is no exception.

With a 36lb weight design, the Millennium will hold your weight like a steel, even as themostlightweight portable tripod deer standdon our list.

Easy setup in less than a minute

The Millennium T100's lightweight design paves the way for a simple setup that takes just under a minute.

You can easily fold this tripod for easy transport in the forest and quickly move to a new hunting ground that looks promising. Thanks to the legs and seat that interlock for easy transport.

Robust Design

While the Millennium boasts a lightweight design and easy setup, it didn't fail to have a sturdy design to support your weight.

This tripod is very sturdy and well made - trust me.

Seat can be rotated 360°

5 Best Reviews for Tripod Deer Stand (2022 Ultimate Guide) (2)

About millenniumstands.com

With a seat size of 20" x 17" x 17", the Millennium's seat is onboard to give you comfortable seating for extended periods of time.

Best of all, it swivels 360° so you can maneuver in any direction of your choice.

Height adjustable

5 Best Reviews for Tripod Deer Stand (2022 Ultimate Guide) (3)

About millenniumstands.com

Standing 10 feet tall to hide you from deer, the height of this amazing stand is adjustable.

One leg of the tripod can be adjusted to any height to keep you level when the ground on which you mount the tripod is uneven.

Foldable footrest included

Another advantage of the T100 10 ft is that you can fold up the footrest, which is great for rifles and riflescrossbow hunting.

Also, did you know that the footrest is padded with wadding for extra comfort? You read that right.

This allows you to unobtrusively and easily rotate the seat as far as you need, with great convenience and less hassle.

Non-sinking, non-slip feet

5 Best Reviews for Tripod Deer Stand (2022 Ultimate Guide) (4)

Via cabelas.com

Even with a platform size of 20" x 17", the Millennium makes no noise and feet on it won't slip or sink.

While this stand goes for gun hunting, it's also perfect forBook hunt. You will shoot many deerwith bowwhen you sit from this tripod.


Now for the bad side; One bitter pill we had to swallow about the Millennium Tripod Stand is that it doesn't have any camouflage to hide it from deer.

While boasting a platform size of 20" x 17" and a height of 10', the Millennium tripod appears to be the smallest platform on our list.

You need to buy an extender if you want to make it higher.

However, the Millennium is quite expensive and while it's lightweight, it's not as portable as ahanging stand.

(Video) Best Tripod Deer Stands for Beginner & Expert | Top 5 Deer Tripod Stands


  • lightweight construction
  • Easily adjustable
  • Features a sturdy frame
  • most comfortable
  • 10 ft. eye level
  • Includes footrest
  • Non-slip feet
  • Seat can be rotated 360°
  • Adjustable height
  • Quiet and easy setup
  • Easily folds for transport


  • Not camo
  • No truce
  • Shortest tripod
  • smallest platform
  • Expensive

2. X-Stand Treestand The Kingpin Tower:

5 Best Reviews for Tripod Deer Stand (2022 Ultimate Guide) (5)

Via Amazon.com

X-Stand is a popular name among hunters and many hunters like to go to this company for all their hunting accessories.

For that reason, it's no surprise that we picked their Kingpin Tower as one of the best options for a three-legged deer stand.

So let's take a look at all the details that make the Kingpin Tower so unique.

Enormous weight capacity

This tripod deer stand hasenough space for two hunters- and better yet, it comes with a massive weight capacity.

With a 500 pound limit, it will stand up to you and your hunting companion without a problem.

Even if you choose to wearSet up your hunting cameras, this three-legged deer stand has your back!

Lots of space

5 Best Reviews for Tripod Deer Stand (2022 Ultimate Guide) (6)

Via Amazon.com

Some stalls can be quite small and cozy - but that's not what you want to experience while hunting.

Every hunter needs their space to properly maneuver the weapon and use the scope - and this 57" x 57" platform gives you enough space to do just that.

Also, the seats are very comfortable and are 17.5 inches wide; You can sit all day without getting a cramp.

In addition, the seats are 14.5 inches deep and have a wide backrest to make you feel like you're sitting comfortably in your armchair at home.

The design

The unique point you can tell about the Kingpin Tower is the military grade camouflage design. The tree stand has been built strong to last a long, long time.

To ensure this, the frame is made of heavy-duty steel. Thanks to this steel frame, several tests have shown that the elements cannot harm this tripod.

It easily withstands wind, snow, rain and extreme heat.

However, what we liked most about the roller blind (to be ordered separately) is the blacked out interior along with the camo mesh window.

All these details will hide you from the animals - and make you invisible to your prey.

The window covers the slide to open and close, so you can always choose the window that works best for you at any given moment.


What we consider fundamental in hunting gear is ease of installation.

Nobody wants to spend hours assembling a tree stand; It can take up too much of our precious time and cause you to lose a prime position to shoot.

We were pleased to find that the Kingpin Tower is super easy to put together. Unboxing takes no more than 20 minutes - even if it's your first time.

However, we felt that the installation guide was not very helpful and could have been written better.

Another thing not great about this tripod stand is that you need help to set it up.

It's nearly impossible to set up alone.


  • Slide window to open and close
  • weather resistant
  • Durable and robust
  • Camo-Design
  • Easy to install
  • Comfortable seats
  • Big platform
  • Good weight capacity


  • Installation instructions not helpful
  • Impossible to set up without help

3. Summit Watchtower Ultra 10ft Tripod Hunting Stand:

5 Best Reviews for Tripod Deer Stand (2022 Ultimate Guide) (7)

Via Amazon.com

Summit is a company that specializes in making tree stands and they do it very well!

Summit Treestands takes its work seriously - and its treestands are known for their reliability.

The product that ultimately caught our attention is the Ultra 10ft Tripod Hunting Stand; The detailed test report can be found below.

Very high

Some tree standsprovide a decent height for hunting; Summit's Ultra Tripod takes things to the next level.

It boasts an exquisite 10-foot height, allowing you to be on top and see everything that's going on.

The elevation gives you better visibility to hunt unnoticed by unsuspecting deer, but isn't too high to affect your accuracy - all in all a great elevation.

Note, however, that this hunting stand works better in an area with no trees.

(Video) 13 foot Tripod Stand by Guide Gear Honeybee Swarm Trap Support Hunting Stand

The design

The design is fantastic and gives the feeling that Summit honestly thought of every single detail when making this hunting stand.

It features steel construction to create a stand that's durable and strong throughout.

On the other hand, the steel construction does not make it too heavy. Despite all that toughness, this product is still fairly light - weighing just over 100 pounds.

The seat features a comfortable, contoured mesh backrest and seating area for maximum comfort while targeting your prey.

Forget fatigue or leg cramps from sitting for too long; This Summit stand offers maximum comfort with the ergonomic seat!

Another thing that makes this seat great is the 360 ​​degree rotation.

It's completely silent, so you won't draw your prey's attention when you're playing with your chair.

The seat can also be removed at the end of the hunting season. So it will not take damage from harsh elements.

Integrated ladder system

What makes this tripod stand really unique is the fully integrated ladder system that gives stability to the whole construction.

So you can easily hop on and off whenever you feel like it - without having to worry if the descent might be unsafe.

shooting break

We've talked about all the things that make the Summit Ultra Jagdstand so special - but the best part is the flip-up weapon rest.

When you sit down and get comfortable, simply fold down the rest to carry your gun orCrossbow ready to fire.

The weapon rest doesn't make a clicking sound when you flip it up or down; it is completely silent.

It's a simple but great feature to make your hunting experience even better.

user friendliness

Since we attach great importance to easy handling when it comes to hunting, the same applies to tree stands.

The structure may seem a little confusing at first due to the ladder system, but the structure is quite simple.

However, if you want to pack up the hunting stand, removing the legs can be tricky.


  • Easy setting
  • Weapon rest included
  • Integrated ladder system for climbing
  • Comfortable, detachable seat
  • Easy
  • 360 degree rotation
  • 10 feet high


  • Packing the stand can be difficult
  • Intended for a tree-free area

4. Muddy Liberty Tripod Deer Stand:

5 Best Reviews for Tripod Deer Stand (2022 Ultimate Guide) (8)

Via Amazon.com

Some hunters find their favorite hunting spot somewhere without trees - and that shouldn't be a problem.

There are many tripod stands designed specifically for this purpose, but few are exquisite.

One of the most exquisite is Muddy's Liberty tripod. Below is a detailed review of this fantastic deer stand.

Padded shooting rail

The shooting rail is designed with extra padding to bring you a silent experience. Deer are very sensitive to even the slightest sound, so we think this was a nice touch.

In addition, the shooting rail is flared to give you more space to aim. With more space to aim, every hunting weekend brings more success!

Comfortable seat

5 Best Reviews for Tripod Deer Stand (2022 Ultimate Guide) (9)

Via Amazon.com

Because hunters spend a lot of time sitting upright, the seat needs to be very comfortable.

Luckily, the Liberty tripod's seating area features Flex-Tec technology - along with oversized dimensions.

At 18 inches wide and 14 inches deep, this is a huge seat. Any hunter will feel comfortable in it - and the 360-degree swivel makes positioning a lot easier.

The rotation is silent and the seat is equipped with padded armrests. So your arms don't get tired either!

The design

5 Best Reviews for Tripod Deer Stand (2022 Ultimate Guide) (10)

Via Amazon.com

We liked the design because this tripod stand comes with a traditional camo exterior to make you invisible to your prey.

However, the interior is all black to ensure you are not noticeable to anyone or anything.

The steel construction makes this three-legged deer stand very durable and sturdy.

However, the design also makes it quite heavy. Weighing in at over 130 pounds, the stand can be difficult to transport without a deer cart.

What we consider to be the main downside of this product is the weight capacity.

The 300lb capacity is a bit too small to accommodate all hunters, especially considering the hunting gear can weigh quite a bit.

What adds a nice touch to this deer tripod are the two gear pockets.

In it you can store all the small accessories you need for a successful hunting weekend, such as rangefinders, binoculars...

Suitable for all terrains

(Video) Hunting Tripod - Tripod all set up for Whitetail Deer hunting

5 Best Reviews for Tripod Deer Stand (2022 Ultimate Guide) (11)

Via Amazon.com

Whether you want to set up the Liberty tripod in a field, meadow or swamp, it's good to know it's possible. Some tripods need level ground - but not this one.

And all thanks to the adjustable legs. You can manually set each one individually to ensure you are completely safe in the game reserve.

easy installation

What's worth buying a tripod deer stand is that it's easy to install.

Luckily, Muddy Liberty is one of them - and it's almost certain that you won't have any trouble setting up this stand.

The entire setup shouldn't take more than 30 minutes, and that includes reading the installation guide!


  • Easy to install
  • Suitable for any terrain
  • Camo-Design
  • Oversized seat
  • Padded, flared shooting rail
  • 360 degree rotation


  • A little heavy
  • The resilience could be better

5. Guide Gear 12ft Tripod Deer Stand

5 Best Reviews for Tripod Deer Stand (2022 Ultimate Guide) (12)

Via Amazon.com

Sometimes you need a tree stand to support you during your hunting weekend and you don't have a tree to help you.

This may seem like a situation with no way out - but it is not!

Guide Gear designed the 12ft Deer Tripod to do just that.

With this you get all the convenience of a tree stand in a place without trees!

Place anywhere

Tree stands are limited to placing the stand - well, in the trees. On the other hand, the Guide Gear's three-legged deer stand can be placed just about anywhere outdoors.

So if you want to put your deer stand in a swampy area, empty field or meadow, you can do that. With this tripod, you can also keep an eye on your surroundings outdoors.

5 Best Reviews for Tripod Deer Stand (2022 Ultimate Guide) (13)

Via sportsmansguide.com

Highest tripod stand

We've listed some fairly tall tripods in this article, but this is undoubtedly one of the tallest.

It will keep you well above your prey, allowing you to get a close look and shoot.

At 12 feet in height, Guide Gear's tripod stand stands taller than the other tripod stands. If you're looking for extreme highs, this is it.

Guide Gear gives you the flexibility and freedom to hunt freely!

Easy setting

Setting up the Guide Gear tripod couldn't be easier - and packing it up is even easier.

As the season draws to a close, no hunter wants to spend hours collecting their gear, right?

Well, this company recognized this and therefore developed this tripod standa collapsible frame.

This special frame makes the tripod easy to carry, even if you have to walk a little to get to the place you want.

The design

The special thing about the construction is that the stand uses a three-armed support system with linch pins.

The legs simply spread and lock, and they stay locked until you're ready to grab your deer while standing.

The legs feature 3" x 4" foot pads to ensure your stand stays in place.

The footrests accommodate ground anchors that ensure maximum stability and prevent the deer stand from sinking into the ground.

This is especially important when placing the deer stand in a swampy area.

Note, however, that the ladder may make noise while climbing. That might scare off your nearby deer while you're still setting up.

Padded seat

The seat is of the oversized variety to accommodate every hunter out there. The flex-core seat cushion with unique noise-reducing material makes this deer stand a great choice.

The seat is also equipped with padded armrests and a padded shooting rail. This makes shooting noiseless and comfortable.

Despite all of that, we think this three-legged deer stand would undoubtedly benefit from a footrest. Sitting for long periods without a footrest can lead to cramps.


  • Oversized seat
  • Padded armrests
  • Padded shooting rail
  • Easy setting
  • Ideal for swamps and lakes
  • Extremely high
(Video) NEW Treestands & Climbing Sticks for 2022!


  • Climbing is not silent
  • No footrest

How to choose the best tripod tree stand:

Before you hit the buy button on a tripod, there are a few important factors to consider that will help you make the best choice.


5 Best Reviews for Tripod Deer Stand (2022 Ultimate Guide) (14)

The first thing to consider when choosing a tripod is seating comfort.

You want to make sure the stand comes with a 360-degree swivel seat so you can rotate freely in any direction of your choice.

Also, make sure the seat offers a padded design in addition to a sturdy ladder to give you all-day comfort and reliability.


5 Best Reviews for Tripod Deer Stand (2022 Ultimate Guide) (15)

Via biggametreestands.com

After looking at the seat, the next thing to check is whether the tripod stand is roomy enough for you to stand up with an arch.

This is important because with a platform that gives you enough space, you can change positions if needed, resulting in less muscle fatigue or cramps.

If you are a larger hunter, a stand with a large platform will bring you great comfort and allow you to stand still much longer, resulting in a successful hunt.


5 Best Reviews for Tripod Deer Stand (2022 Ultimate Guide) (16)

About millenniumstands.com

While considering comfort and platform size, don't forget durability.

Your tripod should be sturdy and rock solid to serve you for years.

Also find out if the stand you are considering buying is also durable enough to support your weight without being prone to wear and tear.

When all of this is in place, then you can smack your chest that your stance will last you a long time.


5 Best Reviews for Tripod Deer Stand (2022 Ultimate Guide) (17)

About millenniumstands.com

The number one reason you'll get a tripod in the first place is the height advantage it offers.

Make sure the tripod comes with the required height to stay out of sight of the deer and perfect for you to shoot down the deer quickly.

A tripod 16 feet and taller will definitely keep you out of sight of the deer and put you in the right position to bag deer.

So take a close look at each tripod stand and see if it's the perfect height that suits your hunting style.

Easy to move

5 Best Reviews for Tripod Deer Stand (2022 Ultimate Guide) (18)

About millenniumstands.com

Another crucial factor to consider when choosing the best tripod is how easy it is to move and assemble.

A lightweight tripod comes in handy when you want something that's easy to carry and transportpack with youon the way to a new hunting ground.

But be careful; When a tripod stand has a lightweight design, make sure it's durable and well built to support your weight without being flimsy.


5 Best Reviews for Tripod Deer Stand (2022 Ultimate Guide) (19)

If you're hunting deer with a tripod, you need it with a whisper sound.

The last thing you want to think about is a stand that makes a squeaky noise as you stand or climb on it.

5 Best Reviews for Tripod Deer Stand (2022 Ultimate Guide) (20)

Frequently asked questions & tips:

Are three-legged deer stands safe?

5 Best Reviews for Tripod Deer Stand (2022 Ultimate Guide) (21)

Yes, tripod deer are safe when you should consider a few specific factors.

First, they are easy to get on and off.

The best thing about them is that they are stable and immobile with a comfortable seat that lets you pivot in all directions.

For best performance and to maximize your safety when using a tripod, make sure you slide your tripods close to a grove or tree.

Then you can easily attach a tether or place a bow holder on it.

The idea is to position them in a place where you can strap them to a large branch. You can also opt for a seat belt to prevent you from rolling out when you fall asleep.

How to hide a tripod deer stand?

5 Best Reviews for Tripod Deer Stand (2022 Ultimate Guide) (22)

Via pinterest.com

If there isn't a tree to cover your tripod, there are a few things you can do to better hide yourself to shoot your bow from up there.

Lay a camouflage net around you

Try to have a camouflage net around you and brush it in without getting caught by the skyline. This will definitely keep you away from the deer eyes, but it will also limit your shooting up to 180 degrees.

You may decide to scale this up by attaching the artificial Christmas tree branches to the entire stand for perfect coverage without fading.

Set up the stand near a large cedar

When you set up your tripod in the middle of a giantCedar, then you will get enough cover from deer.

Artificial Leaf Vine

You can take this a step further and buy some artificial leafy vines and wire them to the stand to hide you from deer.

How do you anchor a tripod deer stand?

How do you tie down a tripod deer stand for maximum support? Here are a few tips to keep in mind

  • Drop a 3 foot eye hook into a concrete block in the center of the stand. After that, tie it with cords for strength and support.
  • Another tip is to try using an earth auger kit from the bottom of the base to the ground to secure each leg.
  • You can also tie them with wires at the corners.
  • Hang the stand to the ground with a ratchet strap or tie the stand and screw under the tripod seat to secure the tripod firmly to the ground.

Pro Tips:

Make sure you climb easily and lift things with a cord or you'll get in trouble.


With all the incredible features and accessories that all of these tripods have to offer, you'll be hard pressed to find a better tripod on the market.

The reason is that they all offer top-notch features to give you the best hunting experience.

But if you're looking for the best tripod deer stand on this list, then the clear winner is thisMillennium Treestands T100 10 ft. aluminum tripod.

Editor's choice:

5 Best Reviews for Tripod Deer Stand (2022 Ultimate Guide) (23)

Via Amazon.com

The main reasons why it carries the crown as the best tripod for hunting because:

  • The tripod can be set up in less than a minute
  • It features a lightweight design that allows you to easily fold this tripod for easy portability in the forest.
  • A sturdy design to support your weight.
  • The seat rotates 360° so you can maneuver in any direction of your choosing.
  • It has an adjustable height of 10 feet to hide you from deer
  • One leg of the tripod can be adjusted to any height, allowing you to stay level if the ground you are mounting the tripod on is uneven.
  • The flip-up footrest can be used as a weapon rack.
  • Non-sinking, non-slip feet
  • The Millennium makes no noise

If you want mobility and flexibility where you hunt, then the Millennium Treestands T100 10 ft. Aluminum Tripod is the way to gobest tripod deer standfor the money for you.

If you have any questions or thoughts about this guide, please leave a comment below.


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