Pole Barn Home in Minnesota - Your Ultimate Guide (2023)

Building your own home is always exciting and can let your imagination run wild. To be able to create something truly unique for you and live in it for years is a true joy. However, if you've ever delved into what it takes to build your own home, you've probably been put off. Therefore you build aStake barn in Minnesotais such a wonderful alternative.

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Building a pole barn house in Minnesota has all sorts of advantages and benefits. In this article, we've put together your complete guide to building a pole barn house in Minnesota. Knowing everything about the process will give you the upper hand. With the right preparation and solid planning, you can live in your perfect dream home.

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Why Build a Pole Barn Home in Minnesota?

Abarn at homeis a house built using a different technique than traditional framing and construction. Instead of a wooden frame, use a slab foundation with driven-in bars. Then metal siding is wrapped around this frame to create the structure of the house. The ease with which these homes can be built makes them an affordable solution for custom living.

There are many benefits to building a pole barn house in Minnesota. However, one of the most important is how durable and sturdy they are. Their all-steel construction makes them a great choice for living in a cold climate like Minnesota. Unlike traditional houses, they can withstand any weather and stay in good condition for much longer.

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Cost to Build a Pole Barn Home in Minnesota

The other significant advantage of building a pole barn house in Minnesota is the lower price. For example, a traditional Minnesota home costs between $200 and $550 per square foot to build. However, you should keep in mind that with this price you only get the basic structure of the house. It doesn't include things like finishing touches, floors, or other things that ultimately make a home livable.

However, a Minnesota stilt barn home is quite a bit cheaper. You can typically have a pole barn built in Minnesota starting at around $40 per square foot. This is a massive price drop and can make a world of difference, especially for first-time home builders. With that extra cash in the budget, you can get all the things that make a custom home a home.

How to build your own Barndominium and 200+ floor plans

Start today with our program "Barndominiums made easy: How to Build Your Own Barndominium" and get over 200 Barndominium floorplans included!


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Pole Barn Home Builders in Minnesota

Sherman Building

Sherman Buildinghas been building stilt barn homes for over 40 years. They are a family business which makes them an excellent choice if you want personal attention. Your team of designers and builders will work with you every step of the way. This makes them perfect if you're building a house for the first time and need a little extra help.

RAM building

When you need a contractor to execute your vision, innovation is key. The team ofRAM buildinghas experience with any type of home construction and will be your guide. If you want something incredibly unique for yourself, they will do whatever it takes to make it happen. This makes them one of your best options for a fully custom Minnesota pole home.

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Pole Barn home jersey supplier in Minnesota

Hansen building

When looking to build your pole barn house in Minnesota from a kit, quality is key. Hansen Pole Buildings is a national company specializing in high-end pole barn kits. They have a wide range of kits in all sorts of shapes and styles to choose from. They'll even help you design a custom kit to your exact specifications.


For the most convenient kit buying experience,PoleBarnKits.orgis a good choice. They have a large catalog of kits to work with and you will surely find something to suit your needs. Despite being a large company, they are based in Minnesota. This means they know the area and can make excellent recommendations for your specific needs and desires.

Pole Barn home equity in Minnesota

If you are building a pole barn house in Minnesota, you most likely need to getFinancing for your rod house. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find a bank that will lend you the money for such a unique home. Most banks are a bit behind the times when it comes to the alternative housing market. Because of this, you need to do a little extra preparation to get the loan you need for your home.

You should have a complete and detailed blueprint for your Minnesota stilt barn home ready. This includes things like who you hire as a contractor and your schedules and deadlines. This way the bank can be sure that you plan to complete the project. The less risk you take, the more likely they are to give you the money you need to build your pole barn home in Minnesota.

Pole Barn home insurance

You will need it tooInsurance for your rod house, just like any other home. However, just like with a loan, finding the right insurance policy to cover you can be difficult. Insurance companies may not know how to classify or rate your home. This can cause some problems when your agent starts looking at different coverage options.

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To get the best insurance for your Minnesota pole home, you should keep track of all of your expenses. Every dollar you spend building your pole barn home in Minnesota should be recorded. Once the home is built, you can have it appraised by a professional home appraiser. Using these numbers, your insurance agent can find the perfect policy to protect you and your new home.


Building a pole barn house in Minnesota is a great way to get everything you want in a new home. With the right know-how and a good dose of planning, you can make the process easy. If you take the time to understand the task at hand, you will have a great advantage in building your custom dream home.

If you want more guides like this, check out the rest of BarndominiumLife.com. There you will find more helpful tips and tricks from the pros. You will also find marked barndominiums,Barndominium Floor Plans, and information aboutfinancingAndInsurance. Knowing as much as you can can help you get the best results for your dream home.

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