Top 7 Best 3-Point Quick Couplers Category 1 [For Moving Vehicles Easily] (2023)

A 3-point quick hitch is a handy working tool that farmers use on their cCategory tractorsto carry out high-power equipment; This tool is more conveniently associated with the process.

This three-point quick-change system is first attached to the rear of the attachments. And it even has a very high compatibility, which is considered to be a universal quick coupler.

However, like any other product, the result has some ups and downs. The most notorious challenge the farmer faces when using this point, three quick strokes, is the steep learning curve.

To find the best 3 point quick connector, you need to understand its usage, compatibility, and comprehensive reviews. Our following segments will fill you in on the best of them.

Top 7 Best 3-Point Quick Couplers Category 1 [For Moving Vehicles Easily] (1)

Top 7 Best 3-Point Quick Couplers Category 1 [For Moving Vehicles Easily] (2)

Top 7 Best 3-Point Quick Couplers Category 1 [For Moving Vehicles Easily] (3)

Top 7 Best 3-Point Quick Couplers Category 1 [For Moving Vehicles Easily] (4)

Category #1 Pat's Easy Change with...

Pat's Premium 3-Point Quick Change Coupling...

Titan Attachments trailer hitch 2"...

Titan Attachments HD 2-in Receiver...





Top 7 Best 3-Point Quick Couplers Category 1 [For Moving Vehicles Easily] (5)

Category #1 Pat's Easy Change with...


Top 7 Best 3-Point Quick Couplers Category 1 [For Moving Vehicles Easily] (6)

Pat's Premium 3-Point Quick Change Coupling...


Top 7 Best 3-Point Quick Couplers Category 1 [For Moving Vehicles Easily] (7)

Titan Attachments trailer hitch 2"...


Top 7 Best 3-Point Quick Couplers Category 1 [For Moving Vehicles Easily] (8)

Titan Attachments HD 2-in Receiver...


How did we conduct this review?

Top 7 Best 3-Point Quick Couplers Category 1 [For Moving Vehicles Easily] (9)

We looked at the most popular quick couplers on the market according to experts and actual users. We evaluated their uses, effects, and benefits.

After reviewing their features and taking note of the other reviews, we made a list of the top 7 quick couplers and reviewed them to help the reader make a quick choice.

How to choose the 3-point quick couplers: buyer's guide

The3 point quick hitchis made for tractor implements; It helps you carry the weights you need for work.

However, finding the right Category 1 Point 3 quick coupler is a challenge. You need to do a lot of research and take a few measurements to match the hook points of the devices.

Top 7 Best 3-Point Quick Couplers Category 1 [For Moving Vehicles Easily] (10)

Take the correct measurement

Suppose the bolts of the attachment points of the implements and the best cat. 1 quick coupler do not match the dimensions. Therefore, you may have to go to your store twice to see if you have the right one that you originally needed.

A tip to avoid this mistake and avoid going to the store again and again. It's quick to hold the measurements of the 3-point beforehand. And do you also know which category your tractor falls into?

Tractor type

Before you decide to proceed3 quick couplersyou need for your tractor remember to know properly all the categories that belong to your tractors like john deere compact tractors and other models. This will guide you to your exact determination of the required clutch.

Also keep in mind that each tractor has different dimensions that you must take into account that the hitches you will be faced with will be adjustable, not all but some of them and therefore they can also be used with more than one tractor.

type of devices

Remember that the hitch you invest in has an important role to play. There are so many devices on the market that it becomes difficult to choose the right one. Before doing this, make sure you get the measurements of the devices to find them3 quick couplersfast.

However, if there is a situation where the attachments and the3-point quick hitch category 1do not match, then try to connect them, it will be a difficult task, but there is no harm in trying.

Therefore, before you buy, make sure that all attachment points fit together and are the right width and height so that they fit your tools and other equipment in the end.

If your tractor is Category 1, invest in equipment with Category 1 quick couplers; If your tractor is a Category 2 tractor then invest in Category 2 quick coupler tools and vice versa.

Top 7 Best 3-Point Quick Couplers Category 1 [For Moving Vehicles Easily] (11)

material and protective coating

The 3-point quick coupler doesn't make much sense. So when you are looking for one, remember to consider the material from which it is made.

Because the material is the only feature that gives you proof of how long your point-three quick connectors will last. Also how durable they are and also the sturdiness of the product.

In any practical situation, youCategory 1 3 point quick hitchMade from durable and high quality material. Therefore a suitable protector finish is a must. They will most likely come with the anti-corrosion and anti-rust paint.

Since these parts are usually installed and the appropriate vehicles are underneath, they come into contact with oil and water the most. For this reason, the right protective coating is crucial.

Quick coupler weights

Point 3 quick couplers are installed firstcarry weightsor be subjected to a certain force at work. Therefore, the capacity of your Category 1 3-point coupler that you invest in must dictate the type of work you do with it.

Remember that the weight capacity of the receiver is always determined by the category it originally belongs to. Also, each point-three coupler has different weight capacities based on the type of material used and its construction.

Pros and cons of 3-point quick couplers

There are so many point 3 quick connectors on the market that it's hard to figure out what's good and what's bad, although aCategory 1 quick coupler hasboth terrible and right side. Let's take a look at each point.

Reviews of the top 7 best 3-point quick couplers Category 1 & 2

According to other experts and users, we reviewed some of the most trusted articles and came in the top 7.

Here are the 3 point quick hitch reviews and their pros with cons.

1. Kategorie Nr. 1 Pat’s Easy Change Hitch – Best Cat 1 Quick Hitch

Are you looking for a quick to set up and easy to use Category 1 hitch for your farming business? Then this Cat 1 quick coupler is for you. Also, the reliability of the company is another reason why you can give it a try.

what does it matterBest Cat 1 quick coupleris its robust, high-quality construction and the better hitch with flexibility.

The assembly of this product is effortless and you can connect it very quickly and work flawlessly after assembly. These point 3 quick couplers are very well constructed and the quality is superb not to mention the construction is superb.

That tooCat 1 quick couplerwill bring you an unforgettable experience without the hassle of aligning the pins. The quick and easy assembly characterizes the product and fits perfectly. It also comes with a flexible top link that makes your life a lot easier when you are always busy; This will be your guide to perfection.

It is a perfect and reliableThree-point quick hitchto save you time. This product is suitable for anyone who is short on time and for a full-time farmer who has no time to relax and little time to lose on the commute.


  • Very strong, robustly built and made of high quality materials
  • It comes with3 sets of category 1 lynchpins
  • The top link is very flexible for different attachments
  • Easy to install and quick to connect


  • May not work with all PTOs and further extended lift arm reduces lift
  • Set screws and U-bolts are of lower quality

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2. Pats Premium 3 point quick release hitch

This Pat Premium is a quick connector that is beautifully designed and built to last. It only takes a few minutes to attach it to the devices and it is even a great time saver. These three quick couplers are very easy to use and install.

It is characterized above all by its quick connector and the fastest possible way to attach it to any device and it is quick and effortless to use and quick to connect and secure without any problems on the go. All tools can be used with this premium Point Three Pats quick coupler.

The3 point quick hitchProduct will benefit farmers as they will save a lot of time and will be able to do their job faster and much more efficiently than before. Since this is very easy to install and use, you won't face any difficulties during the process.


  • It can connect to many different devices and devices
  • The connection is quick and easy to use
  • Easy to attach to the tractor and everything you need to assemble is included
  • Made from reliable and durable materials


  • Only works well in category one
  • Not suitable for larger material and the price of this clutch is very high.

check price

3. ECOTEC 3 Point 2″ receiver hitch

TheThree-point quick hitchis very well designed; It has a solid body proving it doesn't break easily and very durable gear. The pins supplied with the hitch are of good quality and durable which means they will last a very long time.

The3 point hitch receiveris a monetary commodity that is very easy to use. It excels with the tow hitch, and this hit trailer receiver can hang and stand between lots of quality quick hitch trailers.

Because it is easy to use and very quick to assemble, it will save a lot of time and do your job effectively.

It is very well done with the benefits of3 point quick hitch.Thus the manufacture forms a connection hook made of solid material, which can accommodate the drawbar adapter and can be used for heavy-duty towing work.

I didn't particularly like the non-standard lower lugs, which are too short. At this point, three clutches are made for anyone who needs a strong clutch.


  • Easy to use when attaching implements and equipment
  • Everything you need to set it up is included in the package
  • Thetrailer hitchis very visible and also easy to connect to your trailer
  • Made from very high quality and durable materials
  • This towbar is very convenient to use
  • They can be attached to the tractor quickly and easily


  • The lifting eyes are too short to use swing arms and the hitch is too narrow to fit all
  • No quick coupler is too tight

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4. Titan Category 1 3-Point 2″ – Adjustable Cat 2 Quick Coupler

TheCat 1 quick coupleris known for its high quality and robust towing services; This greatly benefits your tractor equipment and saves a lot of time.

This is one of thebest quick couplers for tractorsfor many reasons.

The adjustability and versatility make it the top category 1 pint 3 coupler option for the user. Also this point threeCategory 1 and 3 and point 2 couplingsis named as one of the top rated items on the market in the list of the best point 3 clutches.

So you can use this with category 2 andCategory 1 tractorswithout problems. I also liked the ease of use of the features with point devices.

Its construction is solid and very functional for all heavy work. In addition, it is also versatile and very cheap in the market. By purchasing this titanium towbar, you will make your life much easier and the task of changing devices will be much quicker than before.

The best feature of ittractor hitch, what makes it even more special is that it can be used for any fast extreme hitching.

And it's effortless to use; All you have to do is attach the 1 3 point 2 inch receiver hitch to your tractor which should have 3 point lift arms. When you're done attaching, you can customize the devices to your liking.


  • The upper hook is an adjustable exact coupling
  • Perfect for use with compact tractors
  • It is compatible with Category 1 andCategory 2 tractors
  • The device can support 300 pounds of weight
  • It has a sturdy steel construction
  • Also comes with the proper anti-corrosion coating


  • It is not compatible with all bush pigs
  • The top and bottom hooks may be too wide for some tractor arms

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5. John Deere iMatch category - 3-point hitch with quick coupler

The3pt quick coupleris an excellent attachment for any tractor you have. You save a lot of time because you don't have to get on and off the tractor as often.

TheJohn Deere iMatch quick coupler systemis very well done. In addition, the processing of the material manufactured on it is of high quality. It is effortless to use and even more convenientinstall on your tractor.

ThesprungThe top category 3 adjustable quick coupler will work great for everyday farming implements. One of the perks that you will receive and love is that you can change compatibility with the other tractor category, making it very versatile.

What does it make3 point trailer fastFor the farmers in this field, the best choice is the high quality material, which is durable and will serve you for a long time.


  • Features good value for money, durable and strong hitch
  • High-quality design certified, very easy attachment to the tractor
  • Comes withEasy attachment with the pin settings
  • Thespring-loaded clutchbear a lot of weight, can be modified according to your needs.
  • Easily adjusted to the correct height
  • It can accommodate a variety of devices.


  • Requires sockets for all implements, this is a quick coupler suitable for category 1 tractors only
  • It's expensive and the match isn't compatible with all non-iMatch devices

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6. RanchEx 102857 - Category 2 Tractor Quick Coupler

These points-three quick coupler options are manufactured and designed specifically for Category 2 tractors and trailers. These tractor quick couplers are easy to use and install. It is designed primarily for use and execution of a heavy workload.

The fact that it is characterized above all by its quick coupler and the fastest possible attachment to any implement is not only quick, but also effortless to use and quick to attachupper link hookand backup it on the go with no hassle.

Anyimplement manufacturerscan be used with this Point Three Pats Quick Premium Hitch. This product benefits farmers as they save a lot of time on three-point implements and they can do their job faster and much more efficiently than before.

Since this is very easy to install and use, you won't face any difficulties during the process. This can be used on the mounted tractor as it can go through carpets and mud, ripping it apart and giving you the durability of the long lasting product you want.


  • TheCategory 2 tractor quick hitchis durable and robust
  • Have a robust construction
  • Can be managed with easethree-point devices
  • It can withstand high amounts of weight and force
  • It comes with mounting pins and adapter socket


  • It is not compatible with category 3 and 1 tractors

check price

7. Balance World Inc - Simple 3 point quick hitch for tractors

This quick coupler point three; The Balance World Inc 3-Point Quick Coupler is powder coated for corrosion resistance and rust. It is manufactured and engineered to survive various challenging circumstances thrown in its face.

Because it is easy to use and very quick to assemble, it will save a lot of time and do your job effectively. It's very well done; to be made from a solid material, the drawbar adapter can be made and is used for heavy towing work.

At this point, three clutches are made for anyone who needs a strong clutch. In addition, it offers you a much longer service life than other point 3 quick coupler. It can also support the weight of 2000 pounds made of heavy duty steel certified by ASAE.

This product isspecially designedfor category 1 tractors. Therefore, you do not have to buy if you have tractors of another category, e.g. B. 2 or 3.


  • ASAE certifies the building material
  • Comes withcorrect dimensionsfor most tractors
  • The product comes with a powder coating for rust and corrosion resistance
  • It has four pins to adjust
  • It has a load capacity of 2000 pounds


  • Even on Category 1 tractors, it's a bit difficult to mount
  • It is not compatible with category 2 and 3 tractors

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Advantage of 3-point quick couplings

Here are the pros and cons of using this category of items.

Easy to use

One of the best advantages of this product is its use. This product is very different from any other product that is very easy to use. At this point, three quick connectors are easy to connect; You don't need any extra effort.

Saves time

With this "3 point quick hitch' will save you a lot of time and energy. A point 3 quick hitch allows you to raise and lower your device without leaving your seat or seat.

Top 7 Best 3-Point Quick Couplers Category 1 [For Moving Vehicles Easily] (19)

transfer weight

Since you are using the point 3 quick couplers, your tractor will benefit from using the transaction to offer more power and less fuel consumption. This results from the resistance and the weight transferred to the drive wheels of the tractor.

The downside of 3-point quick hitches

Like any product, it has some disadvantages and problems. Here are these:


To be sure that you have selected the correct Category 1 3-point quick hitch, all you have to do is look at the available specifications for the product.

Therefore, reading through it will help you make an informed decision on the product you have chosenright 3-point quick hitchfor your likes and needs.

Let's say you want to compare it in terms of price. In this case, there are possibilities that you may not choose the right product for you since many of these products come at a high price.

So you think this will give you long-term value, but you could be wrong as many of these products are depreciated in the market.

Some questions and answers about 3-point quick couplings

Before you buy any product, you need to know the basic information about it firsthand. It gives you the guidance you need and provides you with valuable information to benefit from. Here are three questions people ask most often.

Also, we saw many valuable questions about this article from different farmers and mechanicsWorking on car items, and enthusiasts, which are obligatory and very important for whoever is going to use it. Here are the questions and our answers to them.

What is the difference between Cat One and Cat Two 3-point hitch?

There is a significant difference between these two, but the main difference between this category one and category two is that the3 point quick hitchare their ball sizes and pins.

Category A is one. It is typically used with tractors between 20 and 45 hp; In contrast, the second category B is generally used at a strength between 45 and 100.

Does a 3-point hitch have downward pressure?

Under normal circumstances, point 3 clutches have no downward pressure. Some brands like Harbor Freight couplers, RanchEx, Pats couplers offer balanced performance with a heavy-duty steel construction with an adjustable connecting hook.

This action can have consequences by unloading the rear wheels and because of this you may not be able to go anywhere.

Does a 3-point hitch float?

The weight of the Point-3 coupler provides you with the downward force, and it is because of that force that the Point-3 couplers float.

Why do you need a 3-point hitch?

At this point three quick couplers are manufactured to make life easier for farmers as they usually work long hours and have to carry many implements and other work tools to the field.

Also, you can use these items for a long time if you take proper care of them by cleaning themdifferent tools.

Also, it's good since the fields are pretty far from their physical solidity. In addition, they use tractors to transport the tools or equipment they need while working.

last thought

The Point 3 couplers are the most significant time saving equipment you will ever invest in. This is an essential tool for your tractor if you are a farmer.

A point 3 quick hitch adapter lets you quickly hitch a compatible attachment, which later allows you to change implement settings to your liking in seconds.

Additionally, if you are planning to buy a new tractor, push yourself and invest in a unique compatible Point 3 quick hitch. The Best 3-point quick hitch will greatly simplify the whole system of changing attachments.

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